Other Writings


homeopathy for the singularity (The Magnificent Field)

@p_roblem_s (Reality Beach)

From Being Things, To Equalties In All (The Operating System)

The Dessicant Gardens of the Djourab (White Rock Zine Machine)

The Terraces (Das Arquibancadas) (LRL Textile Series)

Wounded Unwound: 25 Expandable Points Towards A Literature Of Violence (Valeveil Projects: Polemics)

Contributions to Anthologies

They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing, with Tyler Flynn Dorholt (Black Lawrence Press)

MACRO: An Anthology of Image Macros (Boost House)

The &Now Awards 3: The Best Innovative Writing (Northwestern University Press)

Selected Journal Publications

3 poems, Word For/Word: A Journal of New Writing

from Public Domain, Rabble Review

"Whatever Else Happens, I Have Found This," Spectra Poets

"Ouachitas," Sprung Formal

from Public Domain, About Place Journal

"Section 8, 7 AM" and "Public Domain," Divot

"At Least Let Me Down Easy," D Magazine

Excerpts from "Leaving La Lavandería," Ohm Journal

"all denouement all the time," JMWW

"Anonymous Propositions," Sip Cup

"from Leap Day," Guesthouse

"goose, loose," Dream Pop Press

"the milk thief," Yalobusha Review

"The Wheeler Dealer," D Magazine

"Absolute Clearance," As It Ought To Be

"Extramundane," D Magazine

"Glenn Shadix," Big Other

"Marjoe Gortner" and "Herbie Nichols," spacecraftprojects

"Maclura Pomifera," D Magazine

"Conny Plank" and "Palindromes Are The Fascistic Imagination’s Anagrams," Posit 

"Field Recording," Prelude

"Lenny von Dohlen," Landfill

"Monetary Velocity," The Boiler

3 poems, BOMB

"Decimal Cereus," Leveler

"One, Something Like a Cloud, Peacefully Moving Along," Alice Blue Review

"Observatory Blue," Every Day, A Century

"Accessible," Super Arrow

"Verb Captures Pronoun; Article To Preposition," Everyday Genius

"Re-opening Hind’s Kidnap," electronic book review